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Virgin Hair should come from a single donor and all the cuticles are intact,100% unprocessed,it should not been permed,colored,bleached or chemically processed in anyway.Virgin hair is always Remy hair,but Remy hair is not always virgin hair.Since the hair is 100% natural,so the cuticles are not damaged at all,the cuticles is responsible for protecting the hair,it is more like a layer,the virgin hair has no split ends because the cuticles have not been processed before.To obtain virgin hair,the only way is to harvest carefully from the hair imported,So it adds to the premium value of the virgin hair,which is why its so expensive.

Virgin hair could be from different origins,like Indian hair,Brazilian,Malaysian,Chinese,Peruvian,Russian,etc.

So if any hair selling on the market,that have been treated by bleaching coloring and chemical processed,it is not virgin hair,the cuticle is not intact,it will give you a wonderful look in a certain amount of time,but it will never last long time like Virgin hair does.

One of the simplest way to tell if its virgin hair is just from the color,when you wash Indian remy hair,there is black dye comes out.The term “Remy”  means the hair has been selected root end first from one one donor,the cuticles are intact and all in one same direction.But “virgin” means the hair has never been processed.

So if you are buying hair with some color like dark brown or medium brown,then its not Virgin Hair.The real virgin hair should come in a natural black color or brown color according to its different origins.

Another way to tell its virgin hair or not is from the hair grade and feel.Since virgin hair has not been treated in anyway,it is not extremely silky or straight.It feels more like coarse like yaki.But non virgin hair has been treated by acid washed,the cuticles is damaged,so it feels extremely silk and straight.

Virgin hair will stay its natural texture or wave pattern when it gets water.But non virgin hair will get a little heavier when wet.

In short,Virgin hair is the best quality hair on the market,and its one of the hardest hair material to get either,the price is increasing every year,but it is also the most luxurious hair the widely used by a lot of celebrities,like Beyonce.With proper care,virgin hair could last a very long time like 1 year or more.

So where to buy virgin hair wholesale?

We have a professional team that are focusing  on making virgin hair products like hair extensions and lace wigs.

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19May 2016

Virgin hair is hair that has not been processed in any way, it hasn’t had any chemicals put on it or any processing. It literally gets cut from the ladies head and put onto the weft, this is virgin hair. With virgin hair you can lighten it, you can darken it, you can do anything with it because it’s in its natural state.

And For Remy hair is hair that all flows in the same direction so all the roots are here and all the tips are there it’s not like some of the roots would be at the bottom and some at the top. That happens if hair is being collected from a temple or maybe from hair salon floor if you collect it from the floor you don’t know which bit was at the top of the lady’s head and which piece was at the bottom. You just know that it’s hair, it all gets put together and put on a weft, if that happens that isn’t Remy because all hairs are not running in the same direction and also when you’ve got hair that isn’t Remy if you got some roots and some tips mixed they rub against each other, they go against each other so the hair can get tangled, it can get knotty, you can wash it and you struggle getting your fingers through it.

Most hair when you get it weather its Remy, virgin or just cheap hair, most hair you can literally just run your fingers through it like that, because it’s been processed and it’s been acied washed.So the cuticles were removed.

The actual truth in what hair is going to be like always lies within a few washes. Within a few washes if it starts looking messy, if it starts to tangle or if its starts getting knotty then you know that it’s not a great quality hair or maybe that it just is not Remy hair. But for real virgin or remy hair,the hair will stay it’s original status even after dozens of washes.

17May 2016

So let’s start with the single drawn hair. The single drawn hair is what you see on the left, it’s less expensive than double drawn hair. Single drawn Remy hair is said to be collected from one donor and so because of that you are going to have short and long hairs mixed together in the bundle of hair that you are collecting from that donor. So when it’s put on the weft or whether you are getting it from a bundle or weft it’s going to be long and short, all the pieces aren’t going to have the same density.

Single Drawn VS Double Drawn Hair

When you are dealing with double drawn hair it is more expensive than the single drawn because of the process required,the short hairs have to be picked out strand by strand. So when you are dealing with double drawn as you can see on the right all the hair is pretty much the same length with both single and double drawn the cuticle is still intact but you see the double drawn hair is thicker has a better quality and its all the same length, it doesn’t look ratty like the single drawn hair can look.

Taking a closer look at single drawn hair, see how it looks like it has split ends and needs to be trimmed that’s what single drawn hair will look like because it’s not all the same length. So you might have bought a 16 inch bundle but you might have 14 inches and 12 inches all within that weft or that bundle that’s supposed to be 16 inches because it was single drawn so it’s mixed with short and long pieces and a lot of times you might just have the little bottom portion as the longest length, so you might buy 16 inches and it could actually be more so 14 inches but because it has a little tail on the end it can be considered 16 inches. So when you see that ratty looking hair on the end, thin at the bottom not really thick that’s a single drawn hair.

Taking a closer look at an example of double drawn hair see in this photo here how all of the hairs are the same length or at least just about the same length and you see how much fuller that hair looks, and it looks more healthier that’s what a double drawn hair will look like. Now granted I can’t say for certain that this particular photo is truly double drawn or not, or if it’s just been cut like that but just for the sake of example that’s what you are going to get when you are getting double drawn hair, you are not going to have ratty ends like you saw in the previous photo and it looks so much fuller and healthier.

29Oct 2015

The size of nano ring is about 2.5mm,its much smaller than the rings used on micro loop hair extensions,its the smallest and most innovative way to apply hair extensions on the market.Since the rings are so small,its much more harder to detect than other types of hair extensions,also the weight of the rings is very light,so its very comfortable to use.


You still could choose hair types to make these nano type hair extensions,like remy or virgin hair,but we strongly recommend to use virgin unprocessed hair to make this type of hair extensions,virgin hair is long-lasting and low maintenance,which could spread your business.


31Dec 2014

Funmi hair weave is getting more popular all over the world, especially UK and Nigeria, the features of funmi hair can be any style you want, you can even think the funmi style as it is  exaggerate as it could be.  Here are some popular style for your reference.  100% virgin hair with no tangle, no shedding.  long lasting could be used more than 2 year if care it in a proper way.


24Dec 2014

During end of year, we are getting more busy due to high demand of hair market, our workers work 15 hours a day to support our sales department, we really appreciate their big efforts. We send at least 20 big boxes everyday, but the quantity is still rising especially during the Christmas period.

Some random picture taken for you guys reference.  If you wanna get start your hair business, action now. Do not wait to start it when your hair market full of competitors.