The size of nano ring is about 2.5mm,its much smaller than the rings used on micro loop hair extensions,its the smallest and most innovative way to apply hair extensions on the market.Since the rings are so small,its much more harder to detect than other types of hair extensions,also the weight of the rings is very light,so its very comfortable to use.


You still could choose hair types to make these nano type hair extensions,like remy or virgin hair,but we strongly recommend to use virgin unprocessed hair to make this type of hair extensions,virgin hair is long-lasting and low maintenance,which could spread your business.


6 Responses to Nano Ring Hair Extensions Order Accepting
  1. I would like to order nano ring wavy hair extensions from you color 60 wavy. Price please. I am in south africa.

  2. I would like pricing for hair and wigs please

  3. hello. i love your hair colors and would want to buy.. how many days does it take to deliver to africa? (nigeria)

  4. i love your hair colors. how many days does it take to get to nigeria? I’m in for wholesales


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