During end of year, we are getting more busy due to high demand of hair market, our workers work 15 hours a day to support our sales department, we really appreciate their big efforts. We send at least 20 big boxes everyday, but the quantity is still rising especially during the Christmas period.

Some random picture taken for you guys reference.  If you wanna get start your hair business, action now. Do not wait to start it when your hair market full of competitors.

4 Responses to Bulk hair orders during busy season
  1. Hi,

    Looking for hair at wholesale rate in Body Wave, deep curly and Loose Wave. In the inches 16-28. Also how what is the minimum amount that has to be ordered.

  2. Hi, I was wondering if i can get brazilian loose, deep & straight 16-22 in? How much can I order at once and what are the prices


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