Virgin hair is hair that has not been processed in any way, it hasn’t had any chemicals put on it or any processing. It literally gets cut from the ladies head and put onto the weft, this is virgin hair. With virgin hair you can lighten it, you can darken it, you can do anything with it because it’s in its natural state.

And For Remy hair is hair that all flows in the same direction so all the roots are here and all the tips are there it’s not like some of the roots would be at the bottom and some at the top. That happens if hair is being collected from a temple or maybe from hair salon floor if you collect it from the floor you don’t know which bit was at the top of the lady’s head and which piece was at the bottom. You just know that it’s hair, it all gets put together and put on a weft, if that happens that isn’t Remy because all hairs are not running in the same direction and also when you’ve got hair that isn’t Remy if you got some roots and some tips mixed they rub against each other, they go against each other so the hair can get tangled, it can get knotty, you can wash it and you struggle getting your fingers through it.

Most hair when you get it weather its Remy, virgin or just cheap hair, most hair you can literally just run your fingers through it like that, because it’s been processed and it’s been acied washed.So the cuticles were removed.

The actual truth in what hair is going to be like always lies within a few washes. Within a few washes if it starts looking messy, if it starts to tangle or if its starts getting knotty then you know that it’s not a great quality hair or maybe that it just is not Remy hair. But for real virgin or remy hair,the hair will stay it’s original status even after dozens of washes.

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  1. I am a license natural hair specialist. I added extension in my clients heads for 30 years . I do know about virgin and remy hair now I want to sell good human hair to those same customers where do I purchase this hair? Haven’t got my website up and running yet trying to make sure I fine the best hair wholesalers


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