01Mar 2012

You can change your hair style with Tape In Hair Extensions within mins

Everyone want to change their hair style can try hair extensions,whether you want to increase your hair body or volume,or have amazing long hair like you watched on TV or models you saw in magazine,if you have short hair and want longer hair,hair extensions could let you have long hair immediately.There are different kind of hair extensions like clip in hair extensions,fusion hair extensions,well,tape in hair extensions is one of the easiest type that you could use to change your hair style within mins.

With tape in hair extensions,you could easily

  • Have long hair
  • Have fuller hair
  • Have a New Hair Style

Install tape in hair extensions is quite easy and fast,it comes in different colors and textures,so it could blend with almost any type and texture of hair,with the help of a professional hairdresser,the hair extensions could perfectly match your own hair color and style.Check the before and after picture of one of our clients,after install the tape in hair extensions,her hair just looks amazing!



Because the tape in hair extensions are made of medical used adhesives,they do not loose until you manually remove it,it allows this hair installation could last very long time,it could last 2-3 months if you take good care of them.Once you stall them,the hair will look flawless and undetectable.If the hair extensions you got is made from high quality human hair,then you could straighten or curl iron them or even dye or highlight them just like your own hair!

Its better for you to brush the hair extensions everyday,the best way is to brush every layer of the hair from your scalp to end.Whenever you go to sleep, tie them with a scarf or in a low ponytail to prevent tangling.Even you know how to take good care of the hair extensions,but you still need to prepare to face the shedding problem,all hair extensions shed,the only thing to do is just try your best to avoid too much shedding.

When you want to remove them,its better for you to watch some instructions videos on youtube.com or go to a salon to find someone to help you to remove it.

Care Instructions

Once you have installed these tape extensions on your hair, there are a few after-care steps that you should take.
When you comb your hair, always begin from the bottom and work your way upwards. This will prevent damaging and breaking of the hair, so that they last long.
Do not forget to comb them before bathing or going into the shower.
Wash them with a shampoo at the roots, and conditioner only at the ends. If conditioner gets into the roots, the bond may loosen and your tape extensions may come out. Conditioner should not be applied even to the roots of natural hair, as this may weaken the hair roots and make the hair brittle.
Whenever you go to sleep, tie them with a scarf or in a low ponytail to prevent tangling.

Check how to apply tape in hair extensions by this video:

23Aug 2011

Virgin Hair should come from a single donor and all the cuticles are intact,100% unprocessed,it should not been permed,colored,bleached or chemically processed in anyway.Virgin hair is always Remy hair,but Remy hair is not always virgin hair.Since the hair is 100% natural,so the cuticles are not damaged at all,the cuticles is responsible for protecting the hair,it is more like a layer,the virgin hair has no split ends because the cuticles have not been processed before.To obtain virgin hair,the only way is to harvest carefully from the hair imported,So it adds to the premium value of the virgin hair,which is why its so expensive.

Virgin hair could be from different origins,like Indian hair,Brazilian,Malaysian,Chinese,Peruvian,Russian,etc.

So if any hair selling on the market,that have been treated by bleaching coloring and chemical processed,it is not virgin hair,the cuticle is not intact,it will give you a wonderful look in a certain amount of time,but it will never last long time like Virgin hair does.

One of the simplest way to tell if its virgin hair is just from the color,when you wash Indian remy hair,there is black dye comes out.The term “Remy”  means the hair has been selected root end first from one one donor,the cuticles are intact and all in one same direction.But “virgin” means the hair has never been processed.

So if you are buying hair with some color like dark brown or medium brown,then its not Virgin Hair.The real virgin hair should come in a natural black color or brown color according to its different origins.

Another way to tell its virgin hair or not is from the hair grade and feel.Since virgin hair has not been treated in anyway,it is not extremely silky or straight.It feels more like coarse like yaki.But non virgin hair has been treated by acid washed,the cuticles is damaged,so it feels extremely silk and straight.

Virgin hair will stay its natural texture or wave pattern when it gets water.But non virgin hair will get a little heavier when wet.

In short,Virgin hair is the best quality hair on the market,and its one of the hardest hair material to get either,the price is increasing every year,but it is also the most luxurious hair the widely used by a lot of celebrities,like Beyonce.With proper care,virgin hair could last a very long time like 1 year or more.

So where to buy virgin hair wholesale?

We have a professional team that are focusing  on making virgin hair products like hair extensions and lace wigs.

11Sep 2010
wholesale Brazilian hair

About Brazilian Hair:

Brazilian hair is a very hot trend in the past a few years,it comes in different colors and lengths,and compared to Indian and Chinese hair,it looks more silkier and shiner,the biggest advantage of Brazilian hair is that it could hold curls very well,and its very soft and smooth.It comes in various textured styles too,like straight,bouncy body waves or curly.With right care instructions,Brazilian hair could last very long time and need no special maintenance.This hair is used widely because its softness,durability and thickness,it is in high demand in the past a few years,when you are using it,you do not need as many bundles as you use other textures of hair like Indian or Chinese hair,because Brazilian hair is more thicker and versatile than other types of hair.

Brazilian Virgin Hair is hand selected from a single donor hair and its the best quality hair,because unlike other chemical processed hair,virgin hair could be colored and styled again easily.Its high quality healthy hair that you could dye or apply heat on it again,since its very hard to get high quality Brazilian hair and its harvesting process is very time consuming,so its price is very expensive.

Brazilian hair is most often used to make highest quality hair extensions,top closures and lace wigs.

So are you looking for a wholesale Brazilian hair supplier?

We started importing Brazilian hair from Brazil since 2005,we have grown and continue to grow by importing and supplying to our customers with best quality Brazilian hair at affordable prices.There are a lot of scam when you buy hair on internet,especially overseas.But FHW is a 100% TRUE Brazilian hair wholesale seller,we are committing to supply you best quality hair with best price to help your business.

Our advantages:

1.Different quality available for different clients(Ranges from 4A-7A)

2.100% Brazilian Human Hair Guaranteed!(We have no question return policy!)

3.Large inventory(Get your order fast!Quick Process Time)

 With around 10 years of importing and exporting Brazilian hair experience,we believe that we have the ability to supply you the right hair(both price and quality),There are a lot of hair suppliers in China and India,we are always trying to be the best hair exporter from China.We are looking forward to do business with you.

We know you should have some questions before ordering from us,we are trying our best to offer as much detail info as possible on our website and our customer support workers are always  delighted to answer any questions you may have.

23Aug 2010

Stella is one of our best clients from South Africa,When she started selling hair,she knew nothing about hair.She contacted us on 2010 and began to buy from us.It was hard at first because we need to explain everything regarding hair to her,but she learned fast,maybe because she wears hair extensions too.And now she opened her new hair extensions store at her hometown!


Hair Extensions Store

Hair Extensions Store

13Jan 2009
Ombre Hair Extensions

Ombre Hair Extensions are now the new trend!With our pre-colored ombre hair extensions,you could achieve a sexy look in a few minutes!

Check the above pictures for different color combinations!

With our ombre hair extensions,not only it could help you enhance the look of your own hair resulting in locks that are thicker,healthier,and longer than ever before,it could also be applied to create amazing hairstyles like up-do and braids or any other style you like.

The sky is unlimited,you could do ANY color combinations you want!

If you want to order ombre hair extensions wholesale,just contact us now!