30Sep 2014

For a woman, having a defined sense of style can be wonderful and important. However, this sense of style usually requires significant work to keep up. One of the easiest ways to change a look for a woman readily is through changing hairstyles. A change in hairstyle can help a woman look totally different in no time at all.

In years past, changing hair styles often meant a more long-term change like getting a permanent. However, many hairstyle changes in years past could also be obtained by using shorter-term accessories, such as is accomplished by using ribbons, clips, bows and special combs.

Today, there is an easy way to significantly change and alter a hairstyle with the use of all-natural, real hair extensions. For a woman who loves the freedom of a short hair style most days, what a difference it can make to a woman’s sense of style to suddenly have an additional 3 to 6 inches of hair that looks so natural and beautiful that people will not believe it is not her own natural hair.

With the use of remy or virgin hair extensions, having longer hair to change a personal sense of style has never been easier. Our high-quality, all-natural hair extensions go on easily and can look so well blended that no one will be able to tell that it is not a part of your real hair, even up close. The secure and well-integrated attachment applications make your real hair blend so well over the attachments that they are virtually unnoticeable.


While some of the better salons can charge a fair amount of money to integrate hair extensions,but if you buy wholesale hair from us,then the price will be reasonable.

High-quality hair extensions can cost hundreds of dollars to buy from other competitive hair extension manufacturers. But we can supply high-quality hair extensions  cost a fraction of many of our top competitors.

If you are a woman who wants to change your look and style quickly, naturally and beautifully,or you want to start a business by selling hair extensions, we will give you that perfect quick-fix for the next time you have that special event that you need to get ready for in a hurry, and for which you want a fabulous-looking, lengthy hair style in no time.

Hair extensions business is very hot and very lucrative business,but it also needs a lot of patience and money to start,We would love to help you to start your own business,if you have any questions about how to start,how to sell and how to care the hair,do not hesitate to contact us.

10Sep 2014

Here you could see more pictures from our factory,winter is coming!The hot season of hair business is coming!Are you ready to sell and earn more?

29Aug 2014
Hair Extensions South Africa

We got Tons Of hair extensions inquires from South Africa every month:

I would like to sample your kinky curl. 10 inch, in natural or black colour. Im in South Africa and would like for it to be shipped there.

Hi, may I please have a catalogue and prices for your weaves.I am in south africa and am interested in starting a business of selling weaves.Ii can’t afford to come to china right now, so how much is a sample of your product..Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

I have been communicating with you with my office email. Now am using my personal. May you help me with information of 6A 15 inch going upwards. I am in South Africa i would like to buy online.

Hi there,

my name is Stella, i am based in Gauteng South Africa, and am looking on starting hair business am looking for a supplier,

can you kindly please send your wholesale list prices and shipment prices

Hello,I am in South Africa and looking for a hair supplier in China.Do you ship to South Africa?Please get back to me.Thank You


Most of the inquires are from Cape Town,Johannesburg and Durban,we have been working with dozens of buyers from South Africa since 2010,by communicating with them,we see there is a huge demand for hair extensions and big money in this Industry in South Africa.

Many women in South Africa spend a lot of big bucks just want to look good,in South Africa,women can spend up to $100 to change their hair style,They all think the hair is the beauty of a woman,the hair business in South Africa has become a multibillion industry,the whole Africa continent spends as much as $6-billion a year on hair extensions lace wigs and braids.

Hair Extensions South Africa is big money!

Africa women changes their hair style between 6-12 times a year,so the average is around 8,so can you see the high demand and big money in this business?

Beside South Africa,there are also big opportunities in its surrounding countries like Zambia,Kenya,Uganda,and Nigeria,so if you are interested in this hair business,just get started!

With more than 2 years wholesale hair business experiences in South Africa,we would love to cooperate with more importers from South Africa,We know what’s hot in the market right now,like 5A Brazilian hair,6A Brazilian hair,and we could give you best advice about how to start and expand your hair business!

If you are from South Africa want to buy wholesale Brazilian Hair,contact us today!



12Aug 2014

We know when you are buying wholesale from overseas,you will come across a lot of questions,its also very hard to choose a trustful and reliable supplier for your business,We have been in importing and exporting business for more than 10 years,we have clients from over the world,and we have good connections with a lot of factories in China,so we supply Free Consulting Service,its totally free!We would love to help you if you have ANY questions about hair,or you are looking for packaging factories,or you want to find eyelashes factories,or even a China travel guide…

Please just send us an email or message at contact page.

01Mar 2012

From our experience,a lot of clients do not have any experience to buy wholesale from overseas like China.They do not know how it works,how to pay and how to find a reliable supplier.In the hair industry,its really hard to find a trustful wholesale hair supplier,because there are too many vendors,and if you do not know hair(like what is remy,what is virgin?), then you will be easily attracted by some crazy cheap prices supplied by some vendors.Here are 5 important tips when you buy wholesale hair from China:

1.Find a PROFESSIONAL Supplier

Yes,I put professional at the first one,there are hundreds of hair extensions factories in China,and most of them are located in some small villages,running by some local residents,most of the production managers do not know english well,there might be some workers know english but most of them are not good at english.So when you place orders to them,they might misunderstand you,which will let you get wrong orders.So in any circumstances,you must find a supplier with professional and good english workers.You can talk with them online,or simply give them a call,talk with them in details about your order and ask them questions about hair.

2.Find a Honest Supplier

Honesty is the best policy,especially in hair business,when you ask prices from different suppliers on alibaba.com,the prices you get from different suppliers could be vary considerably.There are a lot of suppliers are using really cheap prices to attract customers,but the hair quality is really bad.You need to communicate with several suppliers and find some professional ones,and place some small sample orders to 2-5 suppliers and find good ones from the hair quality of the sample orders you get.


Do not use western union or bank transfer when you are doing business with a new supplier.There are a lot of frauds will disappear once they get your hard-earned money.You can use paypal,if you do not get your order,or the order is not as described,you can file a claim and get your money back.

4.Consider a Visit

Visiting factories is the most efficient way to find good wholesale hair extensions suppliers,you could talk with them face to face and see the real products,and buy some samples.If you are really serious about your business,You should come to China and do some research and visiting.

5.Find 2-3 Stable Suppliers

In case some unexpected things  happened with your favorite supplier,like price increase,quality decrease,you do not want your business get in trouble,so you should have one or two more suppliers to back you up.

Buying wholesale hair extensions from China is not easy,but once you find your favorite supplier then it will be your goldmine,a reliable supplier will make your life easier and boost your business.We have been in hair business since 2005,We would love to cooperate with more serious business partners.If you have any questions,feel free to contact us,we will try our best to help you.